Pricing Tables Designs

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[alert type=”info”]The tables are added by using the module shortcode embedding and changing it’s color params.[/alert]

Pricing table – Red Skin

[module id=”155″] 

[module id=”155″ overrides=”hasCaptCol:1″]

Pricing table – Blue Skin with Rounded corners

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:blue|roundedCorners:1″]  

Pricing table – Green Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:green”]  

Pricing table – Turquoise Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:turquoise”]  

Pricing table – Orange Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:orange”]  

Pricing table – Purple Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:purple”]  

Pricing table – Yellow Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:yellow”]  

Pricing table – Green Lemon Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:green_lemon”]  

Pricing table – Dark Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:dark”]  

Pricing table – Light Skin

[module id=”155″ overrides=”mastercolor:light”]  

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